Evgenia Stepanova



名稱: Evgenia Stepanova
職稱: Director of development
公司: National Stationery Association (Russia)
你童年的抱負是什麼? To be a musician or a professor at the Moscow State University.
您的第一份全職工作是什麼? Manager at a tourist agency.
你的第一輛汽車是什麼車? Big Russian car called "Volga".
你有哪些壞習慣? I sometimes get too curious.
你喜歡怎樣放鬆? Eating good food in the company of good friends or reading a book.
你最喜歡的書是什麼,為什麼? There are so many books I like and I cannot choose one, because each of them can teach me something or make me think. Maybe Master and Margarita by Bulgakov.
您理想的夜晚外出是什麼樣的? Dancing Hustle with my friends.
If you could invite two people for dinner, who would they be and why would you invite them? The Queen of Great Britain – it would be interesting to learn how she lives, what she feels and how she manages to be so noble and ladylike.
你最喜歡的電影是什麼,為什麼? I like good optimistic Russian comedies. They help my mind relax, make me laugh and show that everything will be alright!
你支持哪些運動隊? Moscow hockey team – Dinamo Moscow.
你最喜歡的食物和飲料是什麼? I like eating, and I like all good food from different cuisines. It might be surprising for a young woman, but most of all I like pork, potatoes and beer!
你最喜歡的度假目的地是什麼? Any place I have not been to before.
如果你可以在任何地方建造你的房子,你會選擇在哪裡? Moscow – it is one of the best places in the world and definitely the only one I could live in.
你捨不得花錢做什麼? Parking charges.
你有沒有觸犯過法律? Well…traffic regulations are sometimes so hard to follow…
是什麼讓您開心? Happiness usually comes out of nothing and disappears into nowhere.
是什麼讓你生氣? Irresponsibility, stupidity and injustice.
你有什麼寵物? I had a dog for almost 18 years. He died four months ago and I still haven’t recovered.
如果你可以成為一名超級英雄,你會選擇擁有什麼超能力,為什麼? I would like the ability to move from one place to another in an instant. It would save me a lot of time, especially in such a megapolis as Moscow.
你人生中最大的錯誤是什麼? I try to think that all that is done is done for a good reason.
你最好的建議是什麼? Don’t try to solve problems before they arise.
您最欣賞哪位行業人物? Dmitri Beloglazov, president of Erich Krause. I admire his achievements and ability to be so hard-working.
如果你有一天可以成為上帝,你會創造什麼奇蹟? Stop all wars and find good families for all homeless dogs.
金錢能買到幸福嗎? No, but it can definitely help you to become a little more satisfied with your life.
您職業生涯中最好的時刻是什麼? There have been many great moments, but I hope the best is yet to come.
五年後你想做什麼? Still working for the National Stationery Association with many interesting and challenging projects to develop. And win the country championship in Hustle.
用三個形容詞描述一下你自己: Trustworthy, communicable,