Interactive’s path to New Progress


22 Oct. 2004 – London (UK): Interactive Products has announced that its New Progress software is finally ready for roll out – at a new price.

At a conference yesterday marking the 20th anniversary of Progress, Interactive’s managing director Ron Wotherspoon disclosed that the New Progress software, which is fully migrated to the Windows environment, will be available to users from January 2005.

Wotherspoon 说:“它为用户提供了进入 Windows 环境的安全且受保护的途径,而不会带来更换系统的创伤和成本。”


Wotherspoon 表示,他相信用户会看到投资 New Progress 的价值,并将其描述为该公司的一个“分水岭”,该公司近年来经历了一段艰难时期,因为该公司将所有资金都投入到了新软件的开发中。

"I have indicated the long and difficult path we have trod to deliver this product whilst retaining the support and the service of the existing valuable system," he continued.