Podcast: Paragon and OT Group


    Who is the Paragon Group and why did it acquire Spicers-OfficeTeam (SPOT) assets last year when the business supplies group went into administration?

    In this OPI Talk podcast, we feature part of an interview that OPI CEO Steve Hilleard and News Editor Andy Braithwaite conducted with Sean Shine, CEO of Ireland-based Paragon, and Steve Horne, CEO of OT Group, the entity created following Paragon’s acquisition of those SPOT assets.

    If, like many in the office products industry, you had never heard of Paragon until last year, this podcast will give you a better understanding of the group. You will also learn why it decided to acquire OfficeTeam, ZenOffice, Spicers Ireland and certain other assets, and what the underlying problems were at SPOT that forced it into administration.

    Make sure you are subscribed to OPI to read more from this interview in the January/February 2021 issue of OPI magazine and online at opi.net. It will cover topics such as the strategic priorities for the OT Group, how it is responding to market conditions in the UK, adapting to work from home and dealing with Brexit, plus its new relationship with the EOSA purchasing organisation.

    Note: this interview was conducted in December 2020, before it was publicised that Steve Horne will be stepping down from his role as CEO of OT Group, effective the end of March 2021.