Event Preview: European Forum 2018

London's calling.


The 7th OPI European Forum for senior executives from the business supplies industry will be taking place next month in London, UK.

Designed as a relatively small-scale, exclusive event that brings together C-level executives from the leading operators in our industry – and increasingly associated sectors too – this year’s forum addresses what is fairly permanently on every single senior executive’s mind: digitisation and the need to embrace and evolve with it.

The focus is on learning and education, and on stimulating thought and debate. This is done through a varied agenda that comprises everything from high-quality keynotes and panel discussions to a broad range of roundtable sessions.

Topics to be discussed in great depth by a high-profile selection of speakers and panellists from within and outside the industry include:

  • How to become digitally-savvy
  • Private equity in the business supplies market
  • Reputation management (see also ‘Protecting your reputation’, page 38)
  • Blockchain
  • Strategic planning
  • Distribution models in the digital age
  • Delivering the healthy workplace
  • Leading digital transformation programmes
  • Payment innovations
  • Internet of Things
  • Digital pricing models
  • Cybersecurity
  • How is mobile commerce shaping B2B
  • Dynamic pricing

Maximising the experience

Taking delegates through the event this year is conference chair Gordon Christiansen. COO and SVP of Marketing at sales and marketing agency Highlands, Christiansen is extremely well-placed to maximise their experience by leading, directing and steering conversations into the most relevant channels for attendees.

Judging by feedback from previous forum events, visitors always highly value the opportunity to speak to fellow leaders in the industry about the latest hot topics and developments. As such, in addition to the organised conference sessions, there will be plenty of time for more informal networking and private discussions. As ever, to ensure that all of this can be accomplished in an appropriate and confidential environment, the European Forum will be operating under Chatham House rules.

As OPI CEO Steve Hilleard says: “The European Forum has over the past few years evolved into a must-attend event for the European – and wider even – business supplies industry, so much so that we’ve decided to hold it on an annual basis now, instead of the initial 18-month cycle. There is plenty to discuss and to learn about for the leaders in our sector, which is becoming ever broader and more challenging. But many opportunities remain for those open to discover, debate and – potentially – change.”