Wheeler, Jim


    Jim Wheeler spent eight years at the cutting edge of cyber security for the UK Government and to date, he is the only person to qualify and work as a security specialist in cybersecurity, electronic security, digital forensics and data acquisition.

    Working in counter-terrorism, counter-espionage and counter-proliferation of WMDs, Jim has a unique understanding of cybercrime. He helped launch and run the first Cyber Academy in the UK and co-wrote and delivered the first executive cyber awareness course certified by GCHQ and was a GCHQ-certified trainer.

    Jim has briefed and trained many C-level executives including over 350 executives of FTSE 100 companies and has managed fast-paced responses to international cyber incidents. He left Deloitte as its Head of Cyber Culture and Behaviour to become the founder and CEO of ReSolve Cyber, which delivers discreet cybersecurity services to businesses and private clients.