Saturday, 30 September, 2023
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Big Interview Xtra: Aidan McDonough, CEO, Integra Business Solutions

OPI: Talking of uncertainty, there’s been plenty of that during the long period that preceded the failed Staples/Office Depot merger. Has that been an opportunity for your dealer members?AM: It has in terms of...

Big Interview Xtra: Jeff Whiteway

OPI: Let’s talk about the demise of the XPD family of dealer groups. You had a very tight relationship with those groups, so what’s your take on what happened?JW: Well, first of all it’s...

Big Interview with Mark Baccash

Raring to go by Heike Dieckmann Funny, eloquent and knowledgeable, Office 1’s Mark Baccash gives his frank and free views on globalisation, China, the OP opportunities out there and the dangers of being stuck in a...

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FTC sues Amazon

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