Friday, 30 September, 2022
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Vendor Focus: Power of the pen

You might think that the digital age would eventually make both handwriting and writing instruments obsolete. However, recent studies have shown that many individuals value handwritten communication more now than ever before. Most people are not...

Sponsored editorial with Pilot: Unified, unique & happy

Starting in France back in 1993 when its very first television commercial was aired, writing instruments manufacturer Pilot Corporation has been very active across Europe in building its brand image directly in the hearts and...

Pilot opens DC in France

Pilot officially opened its new European distribution centre on 9 April. The writing instruments manufacturer has upgraded its main facility in Allonzier-la-Caille just outside Annecy in the east of France “at a cost of several...

Category analysis: Writing instruments

It's not difficult to understand that without the invention of the humble writing instrument the world would have been a poorer place.Can you imagine the cultural and historical gaps existing had we never been...

EOPA 2012 – Online Initiative Award

European Office Product Awards 2012, Messe Frankfurt. Award for Online Initiative. Presenting the award Christian Langvad from OTTO Office. The winner was Pilot Corporation of Europe with the FiXion Ball campaign.

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