Wednesday, 5 August, 2020
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Health and Well-being Special: Working well?

Global wellness and the economyResearch undertaken by the Global Wellness Institute (GWI), a research and education resource for the international wellness industry, estimates that the global wellness economy in 2015 was worth $3.7 trillion....

Hot Topic Xtra

OPI asked the experts what their definition of a healthy workplace is:Gavin Bradley, Founding Director, Active Working:The definition is evolving. My personal vision is that we must take a holistic approach to balanced nutrition...

Hot Topic: The natural touch

There’s a lot of noise at the moment about the ‘healthy workplace’. For the business supplies industry, this has so far mostly meant replacing chocolate chip cookies with apples, carbonated soft drinks with water,...

Workplace safety and health: more could be done

To mark World Day for Safety and Health at Work on 28 April, UK facilities and building maintenance specialist Direct365 surveyed more than 550 people asking whether they believed their employer could do more...

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