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Thursday, 13 June, 2024
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Category Update: Vital technology

Technology now forms the bedrock of every office ecosystem. Without functioning IT, robust wi-fi and a whole host of electronic systems in place, the vast majority of workplaces would quickly grind to a halt....

Category Update: Technological transition

The nature of the office workspace is changing fast. Indeed, some argue that the physical office may eventually cease to exist altogether, and is already gradually being replaced by a form of virtual office...

Feature: Private matters

It’s no surprise that data privacy and storage regulations have been overhauled across the European Union (EU). The existing rules were issued in 1995, but the exponential growth in accessible personal data has left...

Big Read

NAOPA shortlist revealed

OPI has announced the shortlist for the 2024 North American Office Products Awards (NAOPA). The NAOPA will take place during Industry Week ’24 powered by ISG,...
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