Monday, 2 October, 2023
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Analysis: ADVEO’s multichannel move

Less than ten years after initiating a strategy to become the leading pan-European office products wholesaler, ADVEO is steering on a new course to evolve into a multichannel workplace solutions “platform”.In 2008, the company...

Big Interview: Size does not matter

The tenure of Millán Álvarez-Miranda as ADVEO CEO came to a swift end in June 2015 following a difference of opinion with the wholesaler’s board on how to turn around its loss-making Spanish operations. The...

Big Interview Xtra: Jaime Carbó, CEO, ADVEO

(The interview was conducted before the news broke that IT distributor Westcoast is acquiring certain assets of ADVEO’s legacy Adimpo EOS business)OPI: Did you have these issues in other markets apart from Spain?JC:...

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