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Q4 boost for Acme


Sales dip at Acme


Acme’s Q3 sales up ten percent

25 October 2007 — Fairfield (CT): Acme United's Q3 net sales were $17.1 million, compared to $15.5 million in the same period last year, an increase of ten percent. Net sales for the nine...

Acme Q2 sales up 12 percent

26 July 2007 — Fairfield (CT): Acme United has announced that net sales for Q2 rose by 12 percent to $19 million, from $17 million last year. Net sales for the six months ended...

Acme makes ‘top 100 hot growth’ list

 8 June 2007 — Fairfield (CT): Acme United has made it into the top 100 Hot Growth Companies compiled by BusinessWeek. Acme United, which designs and distributes school and office supplies, was placed in 66th...

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