Where to Now?

A unique ‘new channels’ prospect guide for vendors and wholesale distributors supplying the UK business products industry

“We firmly believe that we do not have enough routes to market and that the routes we do have are not particularly efficient… so we have to either gain share with existing players or find new ones.”
– Traditional Stationery Products Manufacturer

Many office products (OP) vendors serving the UK market are finding that not only is demand for their ‘traditional’ products in decline, but that the OP channels that they have historically relied upon to get these products to market are also shrinking.

Furthermore, some vendors are reporting that if they attempt to diversify into new product areas, these ‘traditional’ channels are often unable – or unwilling – to accommodate these new ranges.

As a result, many vendors are now actively looking for ‘new’ channels for their historic and new product ranges.

Based on online interviews with UK vendors, supplemented by in-depth telephone interviews and desk research, the prospect guide aims to:

    • Identify the channels used by UK vendors in 2018, 2019 and 2020.
    • Report the share of sales accounted for by each channel in 2018,2019 and 2020
    • Report the trends in channel shifts in 2018-19 and 2019-20.
    • Report vendors’ current perceptions of the ‘traditional’ OP channels.
    • Profile each of the ‘new’ channels being used or considered by vendors, including: 
      • Trends in shares of vendor sales in 2018-20
      • General perceptions of the channel
      • Identities and profiles of select resellers in each channel, as identified by respondents

To be published in September/October 2020, Where To Now? will profile 30 ‘new’ distributors that vendors selling to the UK market can review as part of their ongoing business development strategy.

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