The Business & Workplace Supplies Industry To 2028


What Does The Data Tell Us?

Demand for business and workplace supplies is currently subject to a dazzling array of forces: ongoing digitalization, hybrid and agile working, sustainability and – of course – macro economic factors are combining to drive the market over the next few years.

What will the impact of these trends be by 2028? ‘The Business & Workplace Supplies Industry To 2028′, a new report by Martin Wilde Associates (MWA) and OPI, aims to provide some answers, first by reviewing key demographic and other market driver data for four key markets (USA, France, Germany and the UK) where available, including:

  • Economic data
  • Population and labour force statistics
  • Company base statistics
  • Home working statistics
  • Office equipment usage
  • Internet and cloud usage
  • E-commerce penetration
  • Sustainability indicators

Around 20 CEOs/senior sales executives in these regions will then provide commentary on the current and future impact of these and other trends on end-user demand for each of the following business supplies categories through to 2028:

  1. Paper and paper-based stationery
  2. Other traditional stationery
  3. Printer cartridges & printers
  4. Office furniture
  5. Office machines
  6. Cleaning supplies
  7. Catering supplies

The report will also highlight any opportunities identified for new products and services, and provide guidance from industry practitioners on how to implement successful diversification.

Research for the study will commence in October 2023, with the report being published by the end of December 2023.

The world around us is changing fast – and so is the business and workplace supplies industry. The Business & Workplace Supplies Industry To 2028 combines key demographic trends, economic forecasts and insight from key industry leaders in a unique and timely study that is essential reading for any strategic planning

The report is available for only £750 (approximately $950 or €890) if ordered before 31st October 2023, and for £950 thereafter.