The Spider Report

How and why business products are bought on the web.


In 2014, Martin Wilde Associates (MWA) and OPI published Swimming With Piranha, a report based on a survey of the views and expectations of business products (BP) purchasers in the US and UK.

There is no doubt that online purchasing is an established and major part of the BP industry, but little is widely known about the needs and requirements of these online purchasers. For example:

  • Why do business products (BP) purchasers buy these items online?
  • What are the disadvantages of buying BP online?
  • Which BP items are the most likely to be purchased online?
  • What share of core BP items is currently being purchased online? What is this share expected to be in 2016?
  • What is the average value of an online BP order?
  • Which online suppliers are used to purchase major BP categories?
  • Has the move to online purchasing widened the number of BP suppliers being used?
  • How did purchasers hear about their current online suppliers?
  • What are the key factors that drive the selection of an online supplier?
  • For what reasons are online purchases abandoned or online suppliers discarded?
  • What do buyers want from their online supplier that they are not getting already?
  • How do buyers search for product online?
  • Which product attributes are used when searching for major BP categories?
  • What are the main problems encountered when searching for products online?
  • How important are online product descriptions, multiple pictures, videos and user reviews?
  • Do buyers order online using a PC, tablet or smartphone?
  • What spend or credit limits are imposed on online purchases?
  • Are manufacturer brands more important to online buyers?
  • How important is free delivery and what minimum spend is acceptable in order to access free delivery?

All of these key questions – and more – are addressed in The Spider Report, a new research study by Martin Wilde Associates (MWA) – specialist researchers to the global OP market – and OPI.

The study will comprise two separate c100 page reports – one on the US and one on the UK – each featuring the results of 400 interviews with online B2B end-user BP buyers carried out in each country in the autumn of 2015. Quotas will be applied to the research sample to ensure that a range of all business sizes and activities are covered.

The Report is designed to assist BP vendors and distributors – as well as systems houses – to assess and update their online strategy against the changing needs and perceptions of buyers.

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Each report is available now for only £2,500 ($3,750).

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