Piranha Business – Light. Key Insights Into The Appeal Of Amazon Business

In June 2017, Martin Wilde Associates (MWA) and OPI published "Piranha Business", the first in-depth study of Amazon Business OP customers in the US.


In June 2017, Martin Wilde Associates (MWA) and OPI published “Piranha Business”, the first in-depth study of Amazon Business OP customers in the US.

This 200-page report was based on 400 interviews with B2B end-users who were buying a range of business supplies from Amazon Business; it provided a unique insight into the appeal – and rapid growth – of the company, as well as giving an in-depth analysis of customer needs and perceptions by end-user business size and activity.

However, while the research found that Amazon Business is a significant threat to all types of B2B reseller, it is recognised that the price of the full report may not be within reach of some OP resellers.

In order to enable these resellers to benefit from some of the key insights from this ground-breaking research, MWA and OPI have now released “Piranha Business: Light”, a 62-page summary of the key top line results of the Piranha Business report, including:

1. What is the demographic profile of Amazon Business customers?

2. What business supplies product categories do they buy, and which do they buy from Amazon Business?

3. What share of their overall business supplies do they now buy from Amazon Business?

4. Where did respondents previously buy the business supplies product categories that they now buy from Amazon Business?

5. Which other types of office products supplier do respondents still use?

6. When did respondents first start to buy business supplies from Amazon Business? Had they previously used Amazon or AmazonSupply?

7. Why have respondents chosen to buy from Amazon Business, and what are the perceived advantages and disadvantages of doing so?

8. How important is price to respondents and what is their perception of the competitiveness of Amazon Business’s pricing?

9. What do respondents think about the quality of Amazon Business’s customer and after-sales service?

10. How important are commercial visits by suppliers to respondents?

11. What kind of delivery service do respondents require from Amazon Business? How important is ‘free delivery’ and how often do they qualify for it??

12. Are respondents happy to buy from third party suppliers via Amazon Business and to receive their order in several separate consignments?

13. How important to respondents is the use of a local supplier, and do they see buying from Amazon Business as having any negative social impact?

14. What is their perception of the value of the ‘exclusive discounts’ and promotions that Amazon Business offers?

15. What is the respondents’ anticipated future use of Amazon Business? Would they ever go back to using a conventional OP supplier and what would persuade them to do so?

The price of this summary report is only $995, a discount of 74% saving you $2,755 off the price for the full, detailed report. To qualify, you must be an independent business products reseller with annual revenues below $150 million.

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