Lightly Boiling the Frog

A light version of the eagerly awaited Boiling the Frog Report.


The “Boiling The Frog” report was eagerly awaited and has now been widely read by many major manufacturers and OP distributors worldwide. Comprising over 225 pages and featuring over 250 tables and charts, the report is a cornucopia of data and analysis on the responses given by 443 office workers to 21 key questions affecting the current and future state of OP demand.
However, this level of detail is not suited to all companies or budgets. Now MWA and OPI are pleased to publish “Lightly Boiling The Frog” – a ‘light’ version of the original covering 15 of the main report’s key questions in 66 pages and c50 tables and charts, including an analysis of the results by both broad age group (under 35 and over 35), and size of company.

And why is this like boiling a frog? Please review the short brochure below to find out why and review pricing.

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