Boiling the Frog: The OP Industry’s Guide To Young Office Workers

This summer an exciting new research study which will be published by OPI in association with leading office products market research firm Martin Wilde Associates (MWA).


“Boiling The Frog: The OP Industry’s Guide To Young Office Workers” is a major research report looking at the behaviour and attitudes of young office workers – those under 35 – whose usage of, and attitudes towards, traditional office products is likely to be very different to that of their older colleagues.

We believe that the presence of these young workers is already being felt and reflected in changes in OP demand across the world, and these trends will continue to develop gradually year-by-year as young workers represent an ever increasing proportion of the office workforce. As a result, this research report will be essential reading for all manufacturers and distributors of office products.

And why is this like boiling a frog? Please review the brochure below to find why and to review pricing.


If you have any queries about the report, or you would like to purchase a copy, please contact Steve Hilleard