COVID-19 and Beyond


The ‘New Normal’ Workplace: Implications for the US Business Supplies Industry

The global COVID-19 crisis has changed forever how and where Americans work: companies all over the country have reorganized their offices and embraced hybrid work; some have gone completely virtual and disposed of their work space entirely.


What does this mean for the US business supplies industry?

At this critical time, it is vital for all companies in the office supplies sector to have in-depth insight into not only what has happened in the last two years to B2B end-users, but also into what they are planning for their businesses over the next 12 months, and how that will influence OP buying decisions.

COVID-19 and Beyond is a new research report that reveals exactly what is happening in US workplaces today – and what will occur over the next year. Based on 400 in-depth interviews with office supplies buyers in each US company size bracket, region and broad activity, the research will investigate a number of critical areas:

  • Changes in business operations in the last 18-24 months (e.g. sales volumes, office closures and adaptations, staffing, home working, and COVID-security)
  • Expected changes in business operations over the next 12 months (as above)
  • Trends and types of OP items purchased since 2020: (items being purchased less and more, as well as new items being sourced for home or remote working)
  • Trends and types of OP items to be purchased over the next 12 months
  • Sources used to purchase OP items since 2020 (e.g. existing or new suppliers used, previous suppliers dropped, any supplier consolidation initiatives and the sources used by ‘new’ home workers)
  • Sources expected to be used to purchase OP items over the next 12 months

To be published by the end of August 2022, COVID-19 and Beyond will provide answers to these vital questions that will affect your business.

Make sure that your organization can plan, adjust and thrive by understanding how your end-users are adapting to the ‘new normal’ US workplace by ordering ‘COVID-19 and Beyond’.

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