Kelly Hilleard


    Kelly Hilleard joined OPI in June 2016 as the company’s finance manager after a very successful career managing a portfolio of schools for a UK firm specialising in catering for the education sector. Her attention to detail and thoroughness, coupled with a passion for delivering excellent customer service, has improved OPI’s cloud-based finance function considerably in a very short space of time.

    Of course Kelly is no stranger to OPI. As the long-suffering wife of CEO Steve Hilleard, and a shareholder in the company, she has held that most important of support roles, being a mother to their four wonderful children and patiently managing the home while Steve undertook his many overseas business trips. She is now looking forward to working out of a hotel room herself in some of the nice places that OPI staff occasionally have to visit and hopes to meet many of the industry personalities that Steve has befriended over 25+ years.

    Being uber-organised, Kelly’s favourite business product is a plastic wallet.