Avoiding the Hidden Costs of Shredding Services

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    The weak point of many departmental budgets is usually the hidden costs, the monetary drains that hide in plain sight simply because they seem too essential to cut. But are they?

    The Cost of Off-Site Services

    Off-site services such as shredding may seem necessary for protecting the confidential documents either for customers, the company or both.  Identity theft protection certainly is essential, but converting that service to an on-site solution can save any department money.

    Hidden Costs

    Off-site shredding services rely on hidden fees and service charges that can increase your shredding expenses beyond the initial estimate. Equipping the office with Auto Feed shredders has an initial up front cost, but over time saves money. Here’s how:

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    How to Propose the Money-Saving Solution

    After revealing the extensive costs of off-site shredding, show how projecting over a three year period, savings from on-site shredders can be as much as 55%, and free of additional service charges. That money can go back into the business!


    Other Advantages to Propose

    1. Don’t forget to add that Auto Feed Shredders increase productivity by allowing employees to shred hands free. They can walk away from the shredder, and back to other workplace tasks that need to get done. See how auto feed shredding works.
    2. Keeps Private Data  In-House. If there ever was a concern that off-site shredding services may compromise your confidential data, now that worry is put to rest. By keeping shredding tasks in-house, private data, whether your customers information or the company’s, stays private.


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