Xerox targets SMB market


12 February 2007 — Orlando (FL): Xerox is expanding its distribution partnerships by recruiting a new group of IT resellers and enhancing its network of independent agents in North America.

The moves are part of a broad effort designed to better serve customers, create new business opportunities for sales partners, and capture a bigger slice of the $44 billion worldwide opportunity in the small and mid-size business (SMB) market.


Jim Firestone, president Xerox North America, said: "We are making our most significant investment in reseller and agent partnerships since we launched these distribution channels."


North American resellers currently sell 27 Xerox office products, including colour/monochrome printers and entry-level multifunction devices that print, copy, scan and fax. To reach customers not fully covered by other channels, the new programme is said to enable a set of certified IT resellers to sell a broader range of products, including higher-end multifunction systems.


Resellers also are being recruited to offer advanced document solutions such as assessment services, fleet management, scanning and cost-per-print programs tailored to SMB customers.


Xerox agents who currently sell the full Xerox product line, from office equipment to high-speed digital presses, now will have access to a wider array of accounts previously served exclusively by the Xerox direct sales force.