Women better with gadgets than men, says survey


25 July 2006 — Reigate (UK): A new survey into technology use in home and office environments has found that women are surrounded by more technology than men and know how to use it properly, unlike their male counterparts.
The survey, undertaken by Canon UK, revealed that 92 percent of women asked owned mobile phones, 85 percent a home PC, 89 percent a DVD player, 80 percent a digital camera and 24 percent owned flat screen or high definition TVs — higher percentages than men in every category.
The research also suggests that 57 percent of women are likely to fix a gadget or machine if it malfunctions compared to 44 percent of men. The survey said a possible explanation of this could be the fact that just over half of the women asked said they had read the manual, compared to only 34 percent of men.