Wal-Mart’s California stores stalled


21 March 2005 – Bentonville (AR): Wal-Mart’s plans to plant dozens of new superstores in California are being stalled by lawyers aligned with a variety of opposition groups that are reinforcing the state’s tough environmental laws.

A handful of lawyers have sued more than 30 cities that have approved the 200,000 sq ft stores, claiming local officials that are hungry for sales taxes have miscalculated the environmental consequences, according to an Associated Press report.

In many cases, the suits have delayed stores by months or years, slowing down Wal-Mart’s plans to build up to 40 new superstores in a state that is one of the retailer’s few major US growth opportunities.

Company spokesman Peter Kanelos claimed the suits have not stopped the company from opening any outlets, adding: "All they’ve done is delay the stores."