Vicom offers data migration service



July 6 2006 – Redwood City (CA): Vicom Systems, provider of transparent wire-speed data services for systems and storage, has announced the launch of its Data Mobility Service, a turnkey data migration service for resellers of EMC, HP, IBM, HDS, Network Appliance, Apple Computer, and Sun Microsystems storage systems.


The new service offers cross-platform migration of up to 12 terabytes of data in convenient, fixed-price service offerings, backed by a money-back performance guarantee.


Vicom´s Data Mobility Service addresses traditional reseller concerns over the risk, uncertainty, and cost of performing customer data migrations for storage system purchases and upgrades. Fibre Channel migration services are packaged in three pre-defined, fixed-price options.


Under these options, Vicom data migration specialists use the company´s Piper data migration appliance to move 6 terabytes and 6 host systems in a single weekend or 12 terabytes and either 6 or 12 hosts over two weekends. Migration prices are pre-set to eliminate common concerns over time-and-materials billings. Each migration receives a Service Level Agreement with a money-back guarantee for on-time completion.