US office workers report ailments



23 October 2006 — Lincolnshire (IL): Two thirds of US office workers say they experience some physical problems as a result of job-related stress or exertion.


Harris Interactive’s Swingline Office Outlook, a series of surveys that track trends and current issues in the workplace, found that: 40 percent of office workers have experienced fatigue as a result of job-related stress or exertion; 35 percent have had stress-related headaches; 27 percent have gotten back pain; 26 percent have felt neck strain and18 percent had reported repetitive motion injuries as a result of at-work stress.


Out of those who said they experience physical problems related to their jobs: 36 percent wanted ergonomic desk chairs; 23 percent wanted larger computer monitors; 16 percent wanted hands-free phone devices and16 percent wanted better lighting.