UPM researches ‘green’ power plant


7 June 2006 — Helsinki (FIN): An innovative way to produce energy from the by-products of paper manufacturing is being tested in Finland.

UPM and Lappeenrannan Energia are investigating the viability of developing a bio power plant at UPM’s Kaukas mill site.


If the two parties agree, logging residues such as bark and stumps as well as peat would be converted into energy with the fuel power equivalent of 400 mega watts.


Additionally, the process would use sludge from the Kaukas mill’s biological effluent system which experts believe would decrease the plant’s carbon dioxide emissions.


The power would be used to generate process heat and electricity for the mill site as well as Lappeenrannan Energia Oy.


If approved, the project could be operational by 2010 and would replace the 40-year-old steam power unit at Kaukas as well as the majority of output at a nearby energy plant.