UKOS returns home


26 February 2007 — St Albans (UK): UKOS has returned to its Hemel Hempstead office and warehouse site, following the Buncefield explosion.

The office supply company’s operating site in Hemel Hempstead received significant damage as a result of the Buncefield explosion of December 2005.


During the immediate aftermath of the explosion, the company was able to serve Midlands and southern-based clients from its sites in Knutsford, Cheshire. However this raised the delivery costs of delivery and made scheduling a very difficult.


UKOS then set up a temporary stock holding site in Hertfordshire and put in place short-term delivery operations to serve the south of England.


Managing director Ian Haywood said: "Moving back into our site is an emotional time and it feels good coming home. I am sure that despite the massive challenges posed by the explosion, all that we have done as individuals and a business in facing up to a real crisis has made us stronger."