TriMega delivers record rebates

19 April 2007 — Des Plaines (IL): Charlie Cleary, president of TriMega Purchasing Association, announced today that the group has made a record cash distribution of rebates for Q4 2006.

The organisation distributed rebate checks totalling $12.1 million, representing $1.8 million or more than 17 percent increase from the same quarter in the prior year. The rebate distribution covered Q4 2006 purchase activity, 2006 year end and annual rebates, and the first ever rebates from the TriSupply programme launched late last year.


Cleary said: "We take great pride in the performance of our dealers and their business growth in the fourth quarter of last year and 2006. Obviously, our association saw a tremendous increase in new members this past year, but what is most exciting and encouraging about this recent distribution, is that much of it represents the success our individual independent dealers realised year over year. It is also a clear reflection of our member’s commitment to TriMega’s preferred suppliers, and the subsequent increase in the direct purchase volumes of these supplier partners.


"TriMega’s suppliers continue to report very significant year-over-year increases with TriMega, consistent with the 13.4 percent overall group growth in Q1 2007 versus last year. Our TriSupply programme has also picked up some very positive momentum among our members, and this rebate payment includes some early fruits of this labour."


Lyle Dabbert, chairman of the TriMega board, said: "With more than 525 dealers that are part of TriMega today, we feel we stand stronger as a group today then we have ever before. Not only do these quarterly rebates represent one of the most significant benefits members derive from their TriMega membership, they also contribute significantly to the financial strength of many dealerships and the independent channel as a whole."