TriMega announces Converge 2007 details


3 January 2007 — Des Plaines (IL): TriMega Purchasing Association has announced the details of its Converge 2007 regional meetings that will take place from March to June this spring.

Meetings will take place in each of the the five regions that members are assigned to — Western, South Central, South Eastern, North Central and North Eastern America.


A volunteer dealer member who serves as the regional coordinator, spearheads the meeting in their area, ensuring local issues are represented and addressed at each event.


Each regional event features a one day, one-on-one meeting format whereby each attending member dealership has up to 20 individual meetings scheduled with each of the invited suppliers in attendance.


The second day of each regional meeting is for members only and is dedicated to an educational seminar, a roundtable discussion and membership meeting.


Michael Morris, TriMega’s Vice President of Marketing, said: "The one-on-one format of this event makes our regional meetings popular among TriMega members and suppliers alike. It provides an invaluable opportunity for members and suppliers to connect face-to-face for productive meetings on issues that relate directly to their business."


He added: "Converge 2007 not only allows our members to meet with national and regional representatives of the industry’s leading suppliers, but it also provides the very real benefit of providing a great forum for TriMega members to connect with each other to exchange ideas, share best practices and continue to build the strong relationships that exist within the independent dealer community. And, we take this show on the road, to one of five convenient locations, making it as easy as possible for our members to join us in a city near them."