Toshiba launches latest erasable printer

Toshiba has released its second-generation erasable toner printer.

Toshiba has released its second-generation erasable toner printer.

Unlike its first model, this world-first technology has been integrated into a standard multifunctional printer to help businesses reduce their carbon footprint.

Printing in blue toner, it can be used on temporary documents such as e-mails or drafts. When a task has been finished, the document can be fed back into the printer where the toner will be removed, allowing the blank paper to be reused again.

It allows for a more efficient re-use of paper, as well as reducing waste and cutting costs by making paper last five times longer.

Toshiba America Business Solutions Chief Marketing Executive Bill Melo said: "The introduction of our hybrid copier helps organizations operate in a more ecologically friendly manner."

"Rather than simply recycling paper used to print temporary documents, organisations are now able to erase and reuse that paper with the touch of a button."   

He added that combining the erasable printing technology into one device also made the technology more accessible to businesses with space constraints.

North Ryde, Australia

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