This month’s question: How important is good brand management?

 "Good brand management is an essential component for any business, irrespective of size or sector. Effective management must be driven by clear, tangible objectives that add real value to the overall business. Brand management isn’t about what colour the logo should be, it must focus and impact on every aspect of the business that touches the consumer."
Aidan McDonough, group marketing director, Integra

"More brand visibility equates to greater advantage, so our longevity and wide product range is a source of competitive advantage if that visibility can be ‘rolled forward’ into customer expectations. Effective branding raises expectations and reinforces purchase decisions with the effect of actually creating customer value."
Gary Carr, marketing manager, Bisley


"Undoubtedly, good brand management can enhance a company’s perceived value to the customer and that in turn increases brand equity. However, the longevity of a brand relies on more than just implied promises. It is very important to ensure that the level of quality that people come to expect from a brand matches their experience of its products and services."
Ian Whitehouse-Giles, sales manager, KeConnect Internet


"Good brand management is critical to a strong brand. The brand must be a part of a brand manager’s make-up. They must understand the trade customer and end-user and deliver value through all customer touch-points. For example, our Oxford brand manager champions the brand from a compliance and quality perspective and externally to ensure we deliver value to those customers who demand quality, style and durability."
Jane Rowe, marketing director, John Dickinson


"Brand management is a priority not only for consumer brands but B2B brands as well. At Konica Minolta we are currently experiencing the power of brand management firsthand. Our consumer arm led to the brand becoming a household name but as we’ve moved away from this sector, we’ve had to overcome the challenge of repositioning ourselves as a B2B brand while maintaining our positive reputation and market position."
Robert Sethre, manager marketing strategies and communications, Konica Minolta


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