The true cost of Christmas


Canon UK has unveiled research that shows the true environmental and cost impact of not completely turning off office equipment over the Christmas period.


This year many offices will close or operate with skeleton staff for up to ten days. Canon’s research shows that the amount of energy used by office equipment left on standby over this period will be 43.6m KwH.


 UK office market figures

 100% left on over Xmas

 Electricity consumption

 Cost to business

 Multifunctional printers


 90% (756,000)

 3.1m kWh

 £2.8m ($5.44m)

 Laser / desktop printers


 60%  (2.7m)

 1.95m kWh




 50% (6.3m)

 37.8m kWh


 Fax machines


 100% (3.3m)

 792,000 kWh





 43,642,000 kWh


The amount of energy wasted is enough to roast 4.4 million turkeys, microwave 268 million mince pies or power up more than 350,000 standard Christmas tree lights for ten days.


The cost of that wasted energy equates to £8.66m ($17.7 million) wasted in unnecessary electricity bills by businesses.


In addition, the research shows that almost 19,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions would also be produced by these machines, enough to fill the same number of standard sized (25m) swimming pools.


David Smith, marketing director of Canon Business Solutions, said: "It’s clear that some equipment needs to be left on over the Christmas period for security reasons but these amazing figures show that businesses that don’t turn off their PCs and printers are literally throwing money away as well as damaging the environment over the festive period."


He continued: "We have only looked at office equipment that is left in standby mode so imagine how much higher these figures could be if devices are left completely on."