The importance of SoHo


OPI Executive Briefing spoke to Steve Pearce, marketing manager of MFP solutions for Samsung, to gauge the importance of the small office/home office market to the company.


OPI Executive Briefing: How important is the SoHo market to Samsung?
Steve Pearce: We’ve been established in the SoHo market for the past ten years. The market accounts for the majority of our sales.
OPI: Which products are most important for you in that market?
SP: Definitely our multi function peripherals (MFPs). Since 2003, we have seen the working from home trend gathering pace and with the UK laws on flexible working and the widespread availability of broadband. To keep up with the growing trend of working from home and the need for interaction with the office, what we do here at Samsung, is ensure that people are not left ‘home alone’. We have suitable MFPs to make sure that people can remain part of the office even if they work remotely.
OPI: What would you say are the priorities of your SoHo customers when it comes to making buying decisions?
SP: Space is obviously a premium at home and so is design. There are technological requirements that always have to be met but once those are in place, design is of the utmost importance. We are a design led company. In our print business, 60 percent of our staff work in design and research. In the SoHo market, we have developed the world’s smallest colour laser printer, the CLP 300, which is the size of an A4 piece of paper and has won the Red Dot design award. We also have developed the world’s smallest laser MFP. So we know we have a design presence in the home.
OPI: How important is the branding of your products for the SoHo market?
SP: We’re the only brand to achieve double digit growth in market share this year and that’s all due to our brand. Samsung is already in the home, whether in the form of televisions, fridges or mobile phones. We are a trusted brand because consumers know who we are.
OPI: How do you market your products for the SoHo market?
SP: When pitching to a SME, for example, we focus on how much network traffic is sent to the machine, the drivers used, which operation systems it sits on etc. But when we market to the SoHo customer, we emphasise different aspects of our products. For instance, in the home it’s more a case of size matters, or colour ability. Other features that we promote include ease of use, ease of toner change, low noise levels and of course, design is paramount.