The Container Club to go into liquidation


1 June 2005 – Rochester (UK): Inkjet distributor The Container Club will go into liquidation, it has announced, after a second potential buyer pulled out at the last minute.

A previous deal to sell the company to its main supplier, Ribbon Tree, also flopped when the buyer withdrew for what the company described as "an inexplicable reason".

In a letter to customers, director Daniel Roberts said: "The company has, in recent months, faced fierce competition in its sector, which has seen its prices undercut. This has taken its toll on the company’s finances…I am sure you will appreciate that this is a very difficult time for both the company and myself as, since its inception, I have strived to establish a profitable business that could be considered as a leader in its field."

Roberts added that as a result of the liquidation, which is expected to occur in two weeks time, some customer orders may not be fulfilled. He did however offer to sell available stock to customers prior to the event.