Talking Heads



OPI Executive Briefing takes time out to get to know Marisa Monreale, marketing communications manager at the BOSS Federation.


OPI Executive Briefing (OPI):What were your childhood ambitions?
Marissa Monreale (MM): To be an artist.


OPI: What was your first full-time job?
MM: Working in a shop selling china at Heathrow Airport.


OPI: What was your first car?
MM: A bright orange Peugeot. It was about 25 years old at the time, but it did the job and helped me get mobile.


OPI: Who was your pin-up as a teenager?
MM: Johnny Depp (still is!)


OPI: What was the first record you bought?
MM: New Kids on the Block. Forgotten the title. It was so long ago.


OPI: What is your ideal night out?
MM: Dinner, drinks and dancing.


OPI: What is your favourite movie, and why?
MM: Dirty Dancing because I’m a girl and I love the music!


OPI: What is your favourite food and drink?
MM: Lasagne and Vodka.


OPI: What is your favourite holiday destination?
MM: Barcelona. It’s such a beautiful place


OPI: What do you begrudge spending money on?
MM: Tax.


OPI: What makes you happy?
MM: The sun and pay day.


OPI: What makes you angry?
MM: People that can’t drive properly and lorry drivers in the middle lane of the motorway.


OPI: What pets do you have?
MM: A cat called Kitty (I know — very original)!


OPI: What was your luckiest break?
MM: Getting the marketing communications manager’s position at the BOSS Federation obviously!


OPI: Can money buy happiness?
MM: Depends on what you define as happiness. I think it can help make you smile a bit more and worry a bit less.


OPI: What was your most embarrassing industry-related experience?
MM: I’ve only been in the industry nine months so I’m waiting for the occasion to embarrass myself. I’m sure it will happen soon though.


OPI: What is your IQ?
MM: I’m sure it’s extremely high, but I’ve never been tested.


OPI: Have you got a claim to fame?
MM: I was in the audience of Kilroy when I was 17 and was sat next to Boy George’s father on the show.


OPI: What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?
MM: Working in advertising sales in a smoking office.


OPI: Any regrets?
MM: Life’s too short for regrets. You have to forget the past and move on. Enjoy every second and never look back!