Survey reveals printer confusion



12 July 2006 — London (UK): A new survey has found that printer users are still not recycling their cartridges and are frequently unaware of the differences between inkjet and laser printers.


The survey, conducted in central London on behalf of Konica Minolta Printing Solutions, discovered that almost half of respondents admitted that they do not recycle their ink cartridges.


When asked whether an inkjet or laser printer was more expensive to print documents, only 20% of those questioned answered correctly.


On average, it costs around eight times more to print a colour document with an inkjet compared to a laser printer, but despite this one-in-ten people polled had no idea whether their printers were lasers or an inkjets.


Surprisingly few people understood the benefits of printing various documents in colour. Just 9% said they would consider printing an invoice in colour, despite clear evidence that colour invoices regularly attract faster payments.


Equally, only half said they would print brochures in colour, and less than 40% said they would use colour for presentation handouts.


According to a recent study carried out by the University of Loyola in Maryland, use of colour can increase brand recognition by up to 80%, and numerous studies have shown that use of colour in printed documents increases the likelihood of them getting read and greatly improves information retention in readers.