Supplies Network gathers speed

1 April 2005 – St Louis (MO): Supplies Network has opened a new distribution centre in Fresno, California, which will allow it to further accelerate delivery times in many areas.

The new centre will allow the company, the largest privately owned wholesaler of IT consumables in the US, to extend its UPS next-day ground service to include California and western Nevada, and serve the markets of Las Vegas, Phoenix and Tucson overnight.

Supplies Network ships orders directly to their customers, which allows dealers to cut operating costs and maximize profits.

President/CEO Tom Fleming said: "Supplies Network is taking the strategic steps necessary to be the lowest-cost wholesaler of IT consumables. We now have one- and two-day UPS ground from coast to coast, reaching 94 per cent of the US population."

Other Supplies Network regional distribution centers are located in Dallas, St Louis, and Harrisburg, Philadelphia.