Superstat dealer tots up acquisitions

13 April 2005 – Altrincham (UK): Superstat dealer Dgos has acquired Stockport-based JDH Office Supplies, just months after acquiring Oldham-based Hyscribe in July 2004.

The acquisition provides Dgos, which won the BOSS dealer excellence award for the second consecutive year in 2004, with additional turnover of £180,000 ($341,000) and 80 new clients, bringing total sales to just over £1.5 million.

Managing director Darren Carr said: "We have just completed our fifth year in business and to think of the double achievements we have gained in the last year is quite staggering, goals which I imagined unobtainable when I first set the company up.

"We have set the bar pretty high for ourselves, but with the business plan we have in place for the next few years and the inner belief we share as a company, we feel this is only the beginning of great things we aim to achieve," he added.