Statmark and Silveray in African marriage


Bidvest’s wholly owned OP subsidiaries Statmark and Silveray, both South Africa-based, are to merge, OPI has discovered.

The current managing director of Statmark, Hans Servas, will become managing director of the newly formed Statmark/Silveray.

He said: "The rapidly changing markets, both locally and globally, require greater focus on efficiency and synergy for companies to stay ahead of the game, and the stationery and OP industry is no exception.

The Bidvest group is constantly striving for better processeses and opportunities, and this trend for greater efficiency between manufacturers and the supply chain has prompted the decision to merge the two leading brand companies within the Bidvest stable."

Statmark/Silveray will manage a number of international brands including Esselte, Stabilo, Rapid, Helix and Maped. The merger is due to be completed by the end of June.

Germiston (RSA)