State of Georgia


Dear Editor,
I would like to recognise the dedication of three independent dealers: Juanita Strickland of VIP Office Supply, Chip Jones of Minton-Jones Company and Mike Shah of Cajun Office Products. These three spent their own time and money pursuing every avenue to shed light on these contract violations. They continued after all hopes of getting any part of the state contract were squashed. They continued while others quit. They continued because they were right, and because, as I heard more than once: "It may help some other independent down the road." These people are genuine heroes in every sense of the word.
Rick Marlette, Georgia

Good work
Dear Editor,
The article ‘On the ball’ in the August issue. As always, OPI‘s The Big Interview makes for a great read.
Keep up the good work!
Joe Garrigan, president, Garrigan’s Office Plus


Dear Editor,
Just finished reading your article on packaging trends in OPI (August). It brought some much-needed clarity to an area of confusion – thanks!
Andrea Davis, president, Fellowes Europe


Dear Editor,
The story ‘Fitting the Bill’ (August) was of great interest to me. Independent dealers need to become more aware of the changes in upcoming legislation so they can exploit opportunities from (US) government contracts. I, for one, will be taking on board any advice I can get in this area. More please!
James D McKenzie, Texas
Dear Editor,
The Big Interview with Wayne Beacham (August) was very interesting. This section has been getting better and better and I make it my first port of call when I receive the magazine.
David Fontaine, independent dealer