Staples swoops for more dealers



Staples has made three dealer acquisitions, sparking speculation of an ongoing trend in the industry.
In the last week of Octo-
ber, OPI revealed that Staples’ business delivery division had bought the OP division of member Bumbargers, based in Hickory, North Carol-ina, for an unknown sum. Bumbargers is said to have annual revenues in the region of $3 million to $7 million.
In the same week, OPI reported that Staples had bought the OP division of Consolidated Business Products, a TriMega member based in Ohio, for an undisclosed sum.
Then,  on 3 November, industry sources informed OPI that Staples has bought another dealer, New York-based Catskill Stationers.
Staples spokesperson Owen Davis told OPI: "Staples has been looking for ways to expand and grow its delivery business. Therefore it made sense to expand and introduce our business to new markets."
(see ‘Staples goes shopping’, pg 30)