Staples starts back-to-school campaign



10 July 2006 — Framingham (MA): Staples has launched its back-to-school marketing initiative with the offer of essential supplies for less than the average price of a gallon of gas.


With schools in 16 US states starting classes in early August, the company will this week launch Staples’ Extreme Deals with popular items such as pencils for a penny and a free 12-pack of pens through Staples’ Easy Rebate scheme.


"We know how expensive it can be to outfit kids for the upcoming school year," said Staples’ vice president of merchandising Petter Knutrud. "We’re offering parents an affordable solution to gear up for the back-to-school season while leaving money for life’s other necessities — like gas for the car."


Throughout the season, Staples will feature a broad selection of hot products leveraging style and colour to make it easy for students to be both organised and "cool" for a successful school year.