Spicers wins Nemo award


17 July 2007 — Sawston (UK): Spicers has won Nemo’s Special Recognition Award.

Spicers won the award in recognition for "significantly contributing to Nemo members’ businesses in 2006".


Adrian Wallis, CEO of NEMO, said: "Each of our members was asked to nominate a supplier who had made a significant contribution to their business during the last 12 months. Spicers is actively involved in the majority of our members’ businesses everyday and the NEMO Special Recognition Award clearly demonstrates how important Spicers is to our members and therefore to NEMO as a group."


Richard Cook, Spicers’ sales director, said: "NEMO members are important customers for Spicers and so I was particularly proud to collect this award. Spicers is totally committed to working exclusively with our reseller partners and we provide a high level of support to Nemo members, so it’s great to receive some recognition for that."