Sony suffers ¥95.4 billion fall


26 October 2006 — Tokyo (JPN): Sony has recorded a Q2 operating loss of ¥20.8 billion ($177 million), a deterioration of ¥95.4 billion, compared to the same period a year earlier.

The loss includes a ¥51.2 billion provision related to the expected charges and replacement programme resulting from the recall of Sony-made lithium-ion laptop batteries.


Operating income of ¥74.6 billion in Q2 2005 included a one-time gain of ¥73.5 billion related to the company’s employee pension fund.


Diluted EPS fell from ¥27.32 in Q2 2005 to ¥1.60 in Q2 2006.


Sales and operating revenue for the quarter increased by 8 percent to ¥1.85 billion from ¥1.71 billion a year earlier.