SAP & United dealer system confirmed


8 November 2005 – Las Vegas (NV): United Stationers and SAP America, a subsidiary of the world’s leading provider of business software solutions, today confirmed that they have jointly created the SAP Hosted Solution for Business Products Resellers, confirming the speculation exclusively revealed by on 2 November.

The objective of this solution, presented jointly by the two companies at this morning’s general session of United Stationers’ Vision 2006 Conference in Las Vegas, is "to empower independent resellers to compete more effectively in an environment in which technology has dramatically changed consumer buying habits".


Dick Gochnauer, United’s president & CEO explained to in Las Vegas: "Independent business products resellers account for approximately 80% of our annual revenues. Providing this solution is the latest step in a long series of value-added services United has created to help these resellers increase their market share and profitability. Our research indicated that one of the biggest challenges facing this sector was that many larger competitors were using more technologically advanced systems to enhance the consumer’s buying experience. In partnership with SAP America, and with the assistance of an advisory council of independent dealers, we worked with SAP America to develop a solution to make these businesses more competitive."


Mark Hampton, United’s SVP of marketing added: "Aggressive and effective use of emerging technologies equates to power for resellers – regardless of their size, scope or orientation. Over the last several years, United’s research revealed end consumers increasingly turn to the internet for researching and purchasing all categories of business products. We believe the solution developed with SAP will allow independent resellers to leverage both their close selling relationships with end customers and integrated technology, giving them a long-term competitive advantage in the market."


A full analysis about the development, which received a positive reception from the conference’s dealer delegates, will be published in this Friday’s OPI+. To register for a free trial, please click on the banner on the homepage.