Ricoh survey highlights print frustrations


4 July 2007 — Feltham (UK): Running out of consumables tops the list of businesses’ print troubles, according to new research from Ricoh.

According to the survey 49 percent of UK organisations find running out of consumables, such as paper and toner, the most frustrating element of their print infrastructure, closely followed by print device downtime.


Chas Moloney, director of marketing at Ricoh UK, said: "Users are quick to report a fault with their PC to the IT department, but the same can rarely be said if a printer stops working or if its toner runs out in the middle of a job. In my experience, users either walk away without reporting it or redirect the print job to another device, which is not always the most cost effective printer for the task in hand and leaves one machine on the network out of action."


The company has utilised this research by developing @Remote, software that manages an organisation’s print services by automatically ordering new toners before the existing ones run out.