Plaza Academy conference looks to the future

OPI, in conjunction with Messe Frankfurt, will address the rapid pace of change happening in the OP industry with a high-level one-day conference at the Paperworld Plaza Academy.


One of the major changes happening within the industry is the entrance of millennials into the workplace. In the keynote address, Zukunftsinstitut Director Jeanette Huber will share the latest research on what makes Generation Y tick and take a look at what their specific work ethic is and what offices they want to work in.

With the ever-increasing trend for non-office working, Huber will reveal how this will change the market for office supplies. She will also shine the spotlight on new customer groups and how to tackle highly segmented markets.

According to Huber, the future of work is more creative, more virtual and takes more team effort than ever before. “This will transform the OP industry but there are also trends that might trigger new business opportunities,” she said.

Closing keynote speaker, ADVEO CEO Millan Alvarez-Miranda, will present a State of the Industry report highlighting the key challenges the industry is currently facing. “We’re being challenged by the economy, the development of digital technology and changes within the workplace environment,” said Alvarez-Miranda.

“Although this puts pressure on all of us, it is a great opportunity to work with everyone to understand changing needs, new abilities and attitudes and continue evolving the industry and our businesses,” he added.

The one-day conference takes place on Monday 2 February. For the full conference line-up please click here.

London, UK