OT Group update

Spicers is promising more transparency while Office Depot UK has reached a SKU milestone.


There have been a couple of news items from UK multichannel operator OT Group in the past few days.

Firstly, as part of its “commitment to being more transparent and open”, wholesaler Spicers has introduced an initiative called ‘quick-fire Friday’. On this web page, customers can send in questions to the Spicers leadership team. Every Friday, the most frequently asked question will be answered on the company’s LinkedIn page.

The first quick-fire Friday question was about what Spicers is doing to improve its stock availability. “We know there’s room for improvement across our stock levels, and we’re taking multiple approaches to get back up to optimum levels,” the wholesaler responded.

Click here to find out what some of these approaches are.

Meanwhile, sister company Office Depot UK has announced the “successful addition” of one million products to its SmartPad online procurement platform.

“Customers want choice, simplicity and consolidation from their procurement partners, and we’ve reflected such needs in our digital platform,” commented OT Group CEO, Andrew Jones.

He added: “People say the days of a ‘one-stop shop’ are over, but perhaps that’s only the case when an organisation hasn’t found the right partner. There are many advantages of sourcing everything in a single place – the ultimate shopping basket – if that supplier can uphold a consistent quality of products and service across the board.”

Office Depot is aiming to double the number of items available through SmartPad by the end of this year and is targeting three million products by the end of next year.

Manchester, UK