5 mins with… Georg Bettin


Describe yourself in one sentence.

Loud remarkable laughter on two legs.

What are you most proud of? 

Very easy – my kids.

What’s your specialist subject?  

Retaining my sense of humour – it is very difficult to make me angry. I hope I can always stay like this. 

If you could have the answer to any question, what would you ask? 

As the answer to the mother of all questions about life, the universe and everything is already known, there is nothing more to ask for! It’s 42, by the way. For non-sci-fi fans, please refer to Douglas Adams.

Are you a couch potato or fitness freak?

I go running, but I can’t really say I enjoy it! Having said that, it’s the easiest exercise to do in order to keep my weight in check after I quit smoking in 2001. 

If you could trade places with someone for a day, who would it be and why?  

It would have to be one of the three kings witnessing the birth of Jesus Christ. 

Your favourite gadget?

Sorry to say it, but my iPad: work and leisure in one device. I love gaming on it as much as I use it to check the news and my email.

What is the hardest thing you’ve ever had to do?

Too personal to answer. All I will say is that there was a good outcome in the end.

If you were Chancellor, what would be the first law you pass?

Live and let live!

Best way to spend the weekend?

A rather boring but true answer: with my family being outside somewhere and doing something that everyone will enjoy.

Best compliment you’ve ever received?

“You’re the best daddy in the world.” Unfortunately, this is quite often followed shortly after with a statement that says the exact opposite.

Where would you most like to travel?

New Zealand. Firstly, it is the home of hobbits. Secondly, a very good and old friend of mine moved there some years ago. It would be great to see her again in person.

What makes you happy? 

Scuba diving – one of the few places left in the world without access to a mobile phone or email.

What would you cook for a dinner party?

I am an awful cook. On the odd occasion when I’m in charge, my kids are always happy as they know French fries will be on the menu. 


Please describe your current job. 

Managing Director for Acme United Europe with a passion for sales.

The industry figure you most admire? 

Former Atlanta Office Products Germany Managing Director Pieter Kreykamp. He taught me the old-fashioned way of doing business which included the right way to treat customers, suppliers and colleagues. He is an extraordinary person.

What do you like best about the OP industry? 

That most of us take it so seriously. I sometimes get the feeling that office products are thought of as more important than life-saving emergency treatment! 

What was the worst moment in your career? 

The bankruptcy of Atlanta Office Products after 20 years of being a member of a great team. 

What would you say to someone who has just joined the office products industry? 

Welcome to the family.