Vote now for the People’s Choice award winner

OPI readers have the chance to take part in the voting for the People's Choice prize in this year's North American Office Products Awards (NAOPA).


US OPI readers have the chance to take part in the voting for the People’s Choice prize in this year’s North American Office Products Awards (NAOPA).

The People’s Choice award allows the North American office supplies community to vote for their favourite from the 23 shortlisted products for the NAOPA 2017.

OPI Director Janet Bell said: “The People’s Choice is an exciting award. The expert judges have had their chance to choose which they think are the best products but sometimes the OP community favours something very different. We have had all sorts of winners in the past, from the smallest to the largest vendors, everyone has an equal chance. We do encourage all of our North American readers to vote and let us know what you think should be crowned the People’s Choice winner.” 

As well as voting by attendees during the Business Solutions Expo at SP Richards’ ABC event in Orlando, Florida, in July – where the awards will be presented – OPI readers in North America can also take part.

Find out more about each product and select your favourite from the list – available here – and all you have to do to vote is simply text the product code via SMS or use the online voting form.

Voting is now open and runs up to 2pm (EST) on 13 July, the day of the Expo at ABC. 

More details about NAOPA 2017 are available here and in the June issue of OPI magazine.

Orlando, Florida